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    Come on. Philadelphians who attended the Comedy Bang! Bang! show at The Trocadero on Thursday night, you are holding out on us. Dozens of photos were taken that night, and they all featured me glaring murderously at an oblivious Scott Aukerman. 

    Where are the rest of them?!

    My friend recently asked me to provide her with the perfect introduction to PFT (we’re going to Bumbershoot together; she wants an explanation for my squeals of joy at seeing the lineup), and I’m really tempted to just send her this.

    (Also feel free to send suggestions for clips /podcast eps etc.)

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    *points at the middle one* DAS ME!!!
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    Love how he finds it SO amusing to be mean to...when we all know he loves him really :-)
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    Paul F. Tompkins posted a picture of me on his blog. I’m top right in the green shirt, my roommate is below me in the...
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    My friend recently asked me to provide her with the perfect introduction to PFT (we’re going to Bumbershoot together;...
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